Volda and Ørsta District Sheriff’s Office

Taking his starting point in the dramatic local landscape, Anders Sletvold Moe (NO) has transformed the entrance to Volda and Ørsta District Sheriff’s Office with the addition of a striking sculptural light installation.

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Finn veien til Vol­da and Ørs­ta Di­s­trict She­riff’s Of­fice

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  • Opposite Mountain Lights, av Anders Sletvold Moe. Photographer: Werner Zellien
  • Opposite Mountain Lights, Anders Sletvold Moe.
  • Opposite Mountain Lights (Unfold), av Anders Sletvold Moe.
  • Opposite Mountain Lights (Unfold), av Anders Sletvold Moe.
  • Opposite Mountain Lights, av Anders Sletvold Moe.
  • Opposite Mountain Lights (Unfold), av Anders Sletvold Moe.
  • Opposite Mountain Lights (Unfold), av Anders Sletvold Moe.
  • Opposite Mountain Lights, av Anders Sletvold Moe.
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About the project

About the project

The simple porch structure in front of the entrance to the district sheriff’s office has been transformed by the addition of Sletvold Moe’s installation Opposite Mountain Lights. This sculptural light installation, which occupies the entire underside of the porch roof, echoes the mountain range that extends from Ørsta towards Vartdal, including the peaks of Saudehornet, Vassdalstinden, Stabben, Liahornet and Bergehornet. The project continues into the interior of the building, where the 134 triangular shapes that comprise the outdoor installation have been “unfolded” to create a large mural with the title Opposite Mountain Lights (unfolded).

On dark winter days, Opposite Mountain Lights guides visitors towards the building as they turn off the road and drive uphill into the car park. At lighter times of year, the triangular Plexiglas forms function as sculptural elements that give the building its own visual identity. Sletvold Moe took a map of the local area as his starting point, using computer software to convert the contour lines of the mountains into stylized three-dimensional forms. Viewed from some angles, the installation appears to reflect the surrounding landscape. And after nightfall in rainy weather, the reflections of the illuminated triangular shapes in rainwater are particularly remarkable.

The corridor mural indoors was composed on-site using the cardboard templates originally employed to cut the Plexiglas to shape. While the form of each of the 134 templates was determined by a strict conceptual system, the composition on the wall was created more spontaneously.

Sletvold Moe’s artworks enhance the appearance of the sheriff’s office aesthetically, while at the same time indicating the presence of an important public institution.


Anders Sletvold Moe (born 1978) is a sculptor and painter who works within the traditions of Minimalist and abstract art. He studied at Rogaland School of Art and Malmö Art Academy, and has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions at venues including Astrup Fearnley Museet, Trondheim kunstmuseum and Vigelandsmuseet. Sletvold Moe has also completed a number of public artworks, including a commission for the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen.

The project is one of 10 art projects realized as part of the eighth funding round for the Art Programme for Government Agencies in Leased Private Facilities and for Older Government Buildings (LES). 




Torvmyrane 11 B, 6160 Hovdebygda

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Project manager

Elisabeth Tetens Jahn

Art Committee

Jan Christensen
Yngvild Færøy
Gerd Elise Mørland, (from May 15th, 2014)
Kari J. Brandtzæg, (to May 15th, 2014)


Sweco Norge AS

Building owner/developer





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Art scheme for rented properties and older buildings owned by the government (LES)





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