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Art is a pervasive presence at Vestfold University College, covering walls, windows and mirrors in the college’s new buildings.

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  • L´heure bleue, Knut Henrik Henriksen.
  • Imagine, av Tine Aamodt.
  • Imagine, av Tine Aamodt.
  • Under fire øyne med Arne Næss, av Helene Stub.
  • Under fire øyne med Florence Nightingale, av Helene Stub.
  • Seeing is believing, av Veronika Moen.
  • Seeing is believing, av Veronika Moen.
  • Lysrotunde, av Dyveke Sanne.
  • Lysrotunde, av Dyveke Sanne.
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About the project

About the project

Vestfold University College

About the project

The new premises for teacher education at Vestfold University College include a new entrance lobby and a new teaching-and-learning centre, as well as teaching and seminar rooms that are shared with all departments at the college. The selection of art projects for the building was driven by an ambition for the artworks to have a prominent place in the college’s busy environment.
In the large new entrance lobby, one’s attention is immediately drawn to L’heure bleue by Knut Henrik Henriksen (NO). The installation, which extends along a 60-metre-long wall, is constructed from traditional vertical boarding. While in some ways reminiscent of the wall of a rather ordinary Norwegian house, the boards extending down from the ceiling are of different lengths, creating an almost wave-like effect. By imitating the functional outer wall of a house, which has both a front and a back, the work creates an unexpected encounter between the domestic and the public realms, and between functionality and art.
Imagine, a series of wall paintings by Tine Aamodt (NO), extends across three areas of the building. Each of the wall-paintings is based on its particular surrounding space, and Aamodt employs perspective in a graphic and playful style. Building elements such as window panes, railings and electronic details have been photographed, digitally processed, and then painted on the wall as silhouettes.
Under fire øyne [Under four eyes] by Helene Stub (NO) refers to study programmes at the college with the help of semi-transparent mirrors onto which portraits have been applied, depicting people who have made significant contributions to the various subjects taught at the college. While washing one’s hands, one may encounter the gaze of Florence Nightingale, Marie Sklodowska Curie, Astrid Lindgren, Roald Amundsen or Arne Næss. These people and the ideas they represent may inspire today’s students and remind them of their intellectual heritage – and their own potential.
Veronika Moen’s (NO) 3D animation of a tree, Seeing is believing, is projected onto a wall in the foyer of the health sciences department. The animation follows the tree through the seasons, playing in a loop that lasts more than 10 hours. The film is a commentary on the climate change we are experiencing today, and shows how one’s surroundings may suddenly change and become hostile.
Dyveke Sanne (NO) frequently works with installations that involve active participation in one way or another. Lysrotunde [Light rotunda] is a cylindrical booth containing a bench and with therapeutic lamps in the ceiling. The booth is located in the entrance lobby and is a quiet place where one can either sit and gather one’s energy or meet other people. Shadows of people sitting and moving inside the rotunda are visible on its frosted glass walls, so that it is an experience both to be inside the booth and to observe it from the outside.
A film was created as part of the overall art project for the building. This traces the development of each work and the dialogues that arose around it.




Raveien 197
3184 Borre

Date completed


Project manager

Bo Krister Wallström, KORO

Art consultant/Art Committee

Yngvild Færøy, leader of the art committee
Tina Jonsbu

Art Committee

Hege Hansson, mottakerrepresentant, HiVe
Kjell Idar Logan, mottakerrepresentant, HiVe
Mette Eriksen, mottakerrepresentant, student
Ina Heim, Architect - arkitektgruppen lille frøen as
Ebbe Astrup, architect - arkitektgruppen lille frøen as
Jan Røstøen, byggherre - Statsbygg
Kim Østenby, byggherre - Statsbygg
Thorvald Moe, byggherre - Statsbygg




Accessible by the public


Art scheme for new government-owned buildings



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