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A monumental textile work by Kari Dyrdal (NO) is a prominent feature of the new University Aula at the University Museum of Bergen. The work covers more-or-less the entire back wall of the Aula, forming a magnificent backdrop for ceremonial occasions at Western Norway’s new hall for academic gatherings.

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  • Ornament – kalkspat på mylonittisk gneis–60°23’45.96”N, 5°18’31.96”Ø, Kari Dyrdal. Photographer: Trond A. Isaksen
  • Ornament – kalkspat på mylonittisk gneis–60°23’45.96”N, 5°18’31.96”Ø, av Kari Dyrdal.
  • Ornament – kalkspat på mylonittisk gneis–60°23’45.96”N, 5°18’31.96”Ø, av Kari Dyrdal.
  • Ornament – kalkspat på mylonittisk gneis–60°23’45.96”N, 5°18’31.96”Ø, av Kari Dyrdal.
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About the project

About the project

University Museum of Bergen

About the project

The University Museum of Bergen, commonly known as Bergen Museum, was founded in 1825 and is one of Norway’s oldest museums. Currently the museum is closed indefinitely because funding for refurbishment has been made available only for the building’s south wing. Previously the museum housed displays of exotic animals and insects, as well as exhibits depicting everyday life in past centuries. The museum also accommodates the Natural History Collections, which are part of the University of Bergen.

The south wing has now been refurbished and restored to its original grandeur. In connection with the building works, the university gained its own Aula. This hall will be used for official occasions, doctoral conferral ceremonies, lectures by academics visiting from abroad, concerts and banquets. The location of the Aula within the museum emphasizes the close historic links between the two institutions. Natural sciences research conducted at the museum was in fact the trigger for the establishment of the university in 1946.

NOK 3 million were allocated to a new art project for the back wall of the Aula. Following a closed competition, the artist Kari Dyrval was selected.

Dyrdal is professor of textiles at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design . She wanted to base her project for the Aula on the natural sciences research conducted at the museum and university. As she wrote in her submission for the competition: “The natural sciences reveal patterns and structures, and I wish to use these as the basis for a large, woven surface.” The tapestry has been woven from various lightfast materials on a digital loom at a workshop in the Netherlands. As a starting point for the image, Dyrdal used photographs of cross-sections of rock formations around Bergen. The photographs were then distorted and reflected in a process of digital manipulation.




Musèplassen 3, 5007 Bergen

Date completed


Project manager

Trude Schjelderup Iversen

Art consultant/Art Committee

Jeremy Welsh


Universitetet i Bergen


b+b arkitekter as, (fra april 2014)

Building owner/developer

Statsbygg, (fra juni 2014)




Tilgjengelig for publikum


Art scheme for new government-owned buildings



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