The Norwegian embassy in Brasília

The Norwegian embassy in Brasilia, which was completed in 1974, was designed by the Norwegian architect Jon Engh. The curator Thora Dolven Balke took into consideration the urban context and the embassy’s role as a bridge-builder between two countries when choosing art for the building.

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Finn veien til The Nor­we­gi­an em­bas­sy in Bra­sí­l­ia

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  • , Den norske ambassaden i Brasília. Photographer: Statsbygg
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About the project

About the project

For the art project initiated in connection with the refurbishment of the embassy, the curator Thora Dolven Balke purchased works by four artists: the Brazilian artist Marina Weffort (born 1978); the Swedish artist Britta Marakatt-Labba (born 1951); the Brazilian artist Milton Machado (born 1947); and the Norwegian artist Vanessa Baird (born 1963).

Milton Machado trained originally to be an architect, and this background informs both the technique and style of his complex drawings of landscapes, cities, and surreal constructions. His drawings are strongly linked to the history of Brazil and its cities, including the architectural visions that shaped modern Brazil.

Britta Marakatt-Labba constructs stories through embroidery and other textile-based techniques. Her subject-matter is the story of the Sámi people, which she tells by depicting people living in harmony with nature in both untouched and built-up environments.

While Marakatt-Labba makes her works by adding thread, Marina Weffort’s practice is subtractive: she removes threads from fabric to create new forms. Influenced by Brazilian Modernism, she includes geometric patterns in her works. These have a lively interaction with their surroundings, fluttering and vibrating as air moves around the room.

Like Machado and Marakatt-Labba, Vanessa Baird is a storyteller, depicting the spaces and landscapes in which people are born, live out their lives and die. Her drawings are reminiscent of fairy-tale illustrations and have a universally recognizable sense of the existential.




Ses Avenida Das Nacoes, Lote 28,
70418 Brasilia, Df.

Scheduled completion


Project manager

Stine Arnet Høyem, KORO


Thora Dolven Balke


Casa Cinco, Boris Madsen Cunha

Building owner/developer

Statsbygg, Rena Flåteteigen Kløvstad

Host representative

Utenriksdepartementet, Fredrikke Schrumpf




Art scheme for new government-owned buildings





  • 08.06.2017

  • 25.09.2017
    Innstilling kurator

  • 26.03.2018
    Kunstplan godkjent

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