Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Campus Ås

The construction project at Campus Ås, which is scheduled to be completed in 2019, is the largest in Norway’s university and university college sector. Funding of NOK 17.1 million has been allocated to six major art projects divided between three buildings.

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About the project

About the project

The largest institution at Campus Ås is the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). When the university’s School of Veterinary Medicine and the independent Norwegian Veterinary Institute relocate from Adamstuen in Oslo and join NMBU at Ås in 2019, the campus will become Norway’s largest interdisciplinary academic centre for the environmental and life sciences and for landscape architecture.

Campus Ås includes park- and farmland, as well as many buildings, including the monumental stone Clock and Tower Buildings, the construction of which commenced in 1898 and 1921 respectively. Once the current construction project is completed, the campus will be home to three additional large buildings: the Veterinary Building, the Fellesbygget Building (a gathering place for staff and students), and Ås Farm (NMBU’s Animal Production Experimental Centre). In addition, there will be a new landscaping feature known as the Clock Axis.

The new artworks will be located outdoors along the Clock Axis and inside the new buildings. Most of the indoor artworks will be located in the Veterinary Building, although new artworks are also planned for the Fellesbygget Building and Ås Farm. The outdoor artworks will reflect the entire range of activities conducted at Campus Ås. The indoor artworks, however, will be more closely linked to veterinary medicine and veterinary science.

Two of the art projects will be integral to the architecture of the Veterinary Building. Both of these are currently in progress. Marthe Karen Kampen and Johannes Borchgrevink Hansen will install a large fragmented woodcut on the main wall of the entrance lobby of the Norwegian Veterinary Institute. Meanwhile Elise Storsveen and Jon Gundersen are working on an installation for the floor and walls of the main entrance lobby at the School of Veterinary Medicine. The two artist duos were selected following two competitions, in which a total of 13 artists participated.

In addition, several large artworks will be installed outdoors and will feature on a new art walking route. The route will start at Ås Farm before Nordskog Arboretum, where several new artworks will be installed in harmony with the natural environment. After exiting the arboretum, the route will pass the Veterinary Building and a prominent large-scale artwork in Clock Axis South, which will mark the point where the walking route continues to explore older artworks in the park next to the Clock Building.

In addition, Line B. Løkken has started work on a photography project titled Gaze on Ås. In this project, which will take several years to complete, Løkken will document the process of relocating institutions from Adamstuen to Ås. The result will be her personal interpretation of the two places and the relocation activities.

Images from the completed project will go on display in 2019. Click here to read more about the art plan for Campus Ås.

Public Art Norway has issued an invitation to artists to participate in an international prequalification round for those projects that have not yet been commissioned.

The renovation of the Clock Building was competed in 2016. Click here to read more about the art projects for the Clock Building.

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Campus Ås, 1432 ÅS

Scheduled completion


Project manager

Elisabeth Tetens Jahn, KORO

Art consultant/Art Committee

Trond Hugo Haugen, Utvalgsleder
Robert Johansson

Art Committee

Christian Montarou, Mottakerrepresentant, NMBU
Arne Flåøyen, Mottakerrepresentant, Veterinærinstituttet
Linn Madeleine Kjos Egedal, Mottakerrepresentant, student NMBU
Kjersti Høglund, Statsbygg (til 31.12.2014)
Mette Nordhus, Statsbygg (fra 1.1.2015)
Rolf Erik Wahlstrøm, Arkitekt PG Campus Ås (ØKAW arkitekter)




Art scheme for new government-owned buildings

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