Norwegian Museum of Tourism

The artist Børre Sæthre has transported nature into the interior of the Norwegian Museum of Tourism in the form of beads of light moving through the stairway between two floors.

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Finn veien

Finn veien til Nor­we­gi­an Mu­se­um of Tou­rism

Finn stedet der du er nå
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  • koro-backdrop, .
  • Untitled (landscape / gravitating drops), Børre Sæthre. Photographer: Ole John Aandal
  • Untitled (landscape / gravitating drops), Børre Sæthre. Photographer: Ole John Aandal
  • Untitled (landscape / gravitating drops), Børre Sæthre. Photographer: Ole John Aandal
  • Untitled (landscape / gravitating drops), Børre Sæthre. Photographer: Ole John Aandal
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About the project

About the project

Norwegian Museum of Tourism

About the project

The Norwegian Museum of Tourism was established in 1986 as an independent foundation. Initially it was called the Western Norwegian Museum of Tourism. The museum’s first home was three historic buildings on the quayside in Balestrand. Right from the start, however, there were plans for a modern museum building. In 2007, Askim/Lantto Architects won a competition to design the new building. The key concept in their winning proposal was to set the building into a mountainside, and to focus on the idea of the mountain in the museum’s architecture, in order to create a unique attraction linked to the experience of Norway’s natural environment.

The basis for the museum’s collection and the way in which it is displayed lies in a particular interpretation of the idea of tourism. Viewed from the perspective of the way the collection has been built up, tourism is seen both as production and consumption. The museum collects depictions of tourism and objects from all over Norway, and in that way has become a national centre for documenting tourism. The collection is displayed at the museum through a combination of traditional museum displays and hi-tech solutions. With the assistance of modern technology, this hi-tech material can also be distributed throughout Norway.

Sæthre won an open pre-qualification round to create an artwork for the museum. His aim was to create a work with lasting content that would withstand the test of time. The work is located in a stairway that Sæthre has clad in dark panelling. Such areas are often unremarkable, but with Sæthre’s installation, the walk from one floor to another becomes a journey in itself. Beads of light travel down a dark wall, and the artist’s intention was to install a minimalist intervention that would generate a dialogue with the natural environment outside. Since the building is set into the mountainside, the beads of light evoke a melting icicle or dripping water in a cave, manipulated into the museum environment.




Balestrand, 6899

Scheduled completion


Project manager

Trude Schjelderup Iversen, KORO

Art consultant/Art Committee

Ole John Aandal, leader of the art committee
Inger Marie von der Lippe, representative of the host institution

Art Committee

Espen Raunehaug, Statsbygg
Lars Lantto, representative of the Architects office




Accessible by the public


Art scheme for new government-owned buildings



  • 03.02.2011

  • Mai 2015

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