Nordland Hospital Bodø

Nordland Hospital Bodø is both the local hospital for Bodø and the surrounding municipalities and the central hospital for a large part of Nordland County. The construction of the new hospital involved the conversion and modernization of the old hospital building as well as new construction.

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  • Dag og natt, Nina Bang. Photographer: Werner Zellien
  • Dag og natt, Nina Bang.
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About the project

About the project

Nordland Hospital Bodø

About the project

The hospital’s art programme aims to give the new hospital a sense of identity and help secure its status as an iconic regional building. Following a competition involving the submission of outline proposals, Inghild Karlsen (NO) and Bo Bisgaard (DK) were selected to create a project for the hospital’s main entrance and garden. This project comprises two elements: large, polished-cement sculptures of human figures; and sculptural lamps featuring hand-blown glass shades in warm colours. Together the sculptures and lamps form striking groupings that radiate willpower and strength.

Breath, a sculpture by May Bente Aronsen (NO) and Anders Lian (NO), hangs from the ceiling of the entrance lobby. The shape of this kinetic sculpture, fabricated from steel and colourful plastic, slowly and continually fluctuates between that of a circle and that of an ellipse. Evoking a series of long-drawn-out breaths, this meditative work helps unify the lobby interior.

Day and Night by Nina Bang (NO) comprises a large prism-like geometrical shape that has been applied to the northern glass wall of the glass concourse. The work covers nearly 60 square metres of glass and can also be viewed close up from the corridors running alongside the image on each floor. The appearance of the work varies according to the interior and exterior light. When viewed close up, the abstract shapes reveal a wealth of details and nuanced colours.

Petter Hepsø’s bronze sculpture Hippo Erectus depicts a hippopotamus walking on its two hind legs around the corner of the glass concourse towards the entrance lobby. The approximately human-sized hippopotamus exudes joyfulness and self-confidence. The glass concourse also houses Espen Dietrichson’s sculpture titled The Forest. This work consists of a stack of square aluminium tubes of different lengths. The ends of the tubes are open, creating “chambers” that have been glazed with 1,292 small pieces of coloured glass. The total weight of the sculpture is approximately 1,300 kg.




Nordlandssykehuset HF
Postboks 1480
8092 Bodø

Scheduled completion


Project manager

Truls Ramberg, KORO.

Art consultant/Art Committee

Christel Sverre, leader, Art Committee.
Karianne Stensland

Art Committee

Arvid Ottar, representative of the Architects office.

Host representative

Randi Angelsen
Wenche Amundsen

Building owner/developer

Reidun Skindlo




Tilgjengelig for publikum


Art scheme for new government-owned buildings

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