Jarfjord Border Patrol Station

Jarfjord Border Patrol Station is located on the Norwegian-Russian border in the far north of Finnmark County. This area of desolate wilderness is the setting for Josefine Lyche's monumental and colourful artwork titled Smaragdtavlen (luft-jord-ild- vann) [The Emerald Tablet].

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  • Smaragdtavlen (luft-jord-ild-vann), Josefine Lyche. Photographer: Jenny-Marie Johnsen
  • Smaragdtavlen (luft-jord-ild-vann), Josefine Lyche.. Photographer: Jenny-Marie Johnsen
  • Smaragdtavlen (luft-jord-ild-vann), Josefine Lyche.. Photographer: Jenny-Marie Johnsen
  • Smaragdtavlen (luft-jord-ild-vann), Josefine Lyche.. Photographer: Jenny-Marie Johnsen
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About the project

About the project

The 196-kilometre border between Norway and Russia is peaceful, but is nonetheless heavily guarded by Norwegian and Russian troops. This is part of the external border of the Schengen Area, and in 2011 the Norwegian parliament decided that the six existing medium-sized border patrol stations should be replaced by two new, larger stations. The new station at Pasvik, which covers the southern half of the border, was completed in 2014. The northern half is now covered by the new Jarfjord Border Patrol Station, which opened in 2016.

Although the buildings at Pasvik and Jarfjord are more or less identical, a conspicuous art project at the entrance to each building makes it easy to distinguish between them. The Norwegian artist Josefine Lyche (born 1973) was commissioned to create a project for Jarfjord. Lyche’s artwork, <em>Smaragdtavlen (luft-jord-ild- vann) [The Emerald Tablet]</em>, has used the entire underside of the overhanging roof outside the building’s entrance as a three-dimensional chequered “canvas”.

Lyche is known for working conceptually, and for her metaphysical, often esoteric, approaches to art. She has a great interest in links between occultism and science. For her artwork at Jarfjord, Lyche has used high-pressure laminate (HPL) panels made by the Dutch firm Trespa. Each of the nine sections of the outdoor ceiling is filled with panels of a different colour. The geometric right-angled shapes and the use of contrasting warm and cold colours gives the artwork a sense of austerity and discipline, although the underlying idea is that this carefully planned arrangement of colours forms a metaphysical portal to heaven. Lyche selected each colour by applying alchemical principles concerning the four basic elements: air, fire, earth and water. Her chosen colours symbolize a landscape where air meets earth, water meets fire, and art meets nature and architecture.



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Project manager

Janicke Iversen, KORO
Dag Wiersholm, KORO (til 2015)
Mette Kvandal, KORO (til 2013)

Art consultant/Art Committee

Jenny-Marie Johnsen
Inge Pedersen

Building owner/developer









Tilgjengelig for publikum


Art scheme for new government-owned buildings





  • 2011
    Oppdrag mottatt fra Forsvarsbygg

  • August 2011
    Konsulenter oppnevnt

  • Juni 2015
    Kunstplan godkjent

  • Høsten 2015
    Kunstner i arbeid

  • Februar 2016
    Prosjektet ferdigstilt

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