Gran and Lunner Sheriff’s Office

Eva Kun (NO/UNG) has installed three groups of colourful sculptures outside the new sheriff’s office for Gran and Lunner in the Hadeland area of Norway. In 2013 the office was relocated to the outskirts of Gran town centre, and now shares the building with the fire and ambulance services and a 24-hour outpatient clinic.

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Finn veien

Finn veien til Gran and Lun­ner She­riff’s Of­fice

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  • Stand By 2, av Eva Kun. Photographer: Werner Zellien
  • Stand By 2, av Eva Kun.
  • Stand By 2, av Eva Kun.
  • Stand By 2, av Eva Kun.
  • Stand By 2, av Eva Kun.
  • Stand By 2, av Eva Kun.
  • Stand By 2, av Eva Kun.
  • Stand By 2, av Eva Kun.
  • Stand By 2, av Eva Kun.
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About the project

About the project

Eva Kun’s art project Stand By 2 (2015) derives from a temporary installation, also titled Stand By, that she made in 2007. Kun was invited to recreate her earlier work especially for the area outside the sheriff’s office, this time for permanent installation. The groups of sculptures, which appear as lines exploring three-dimensional space, are sited in three locations in the grounds outside the office, but always within the same field of vision. The sculptural forms point towards, and interact with, each other, drawing attention to and activating the spaces between.

Stand By 2 is both eye-catching and also invites passers-by to touch and play with the sculptures. The painting of the sculptures in a high-visibility orange evokes guard rails or barriers, even though their location is distant from anywhere that that such a function is needed. Kun herself describes the sculptures as “mutated railings”. In places the metal bars make an unexpected “twist”, either to cross a boundary, for example between asphalt and lawn, or to point periscope-like up into the air. Some people may see the sculptures as representing anthropomorphic figures that are surprising and unusual so close to a law enforcement office. The groups of sculptures are located respectively on a traffic island next to the vehicle entrance; on a grass lawn; and next to the building’s main entrance. This latter group extends from a paved area into an area planted with shrubs and trees. This planted area is a place where members of the public can meet, sit on the adjacent bench, and allow children to explore the sculptures and the general surroundings.
Eva Kun lives and works in Bergen. She studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw and the Academy of Applied Art in Wroclaw. She now teaches at the Bergen School of Architecture. She has completed several public art commissions. Kun’s installation is one of 10 art projects realized under the eighth funding round for the Art Programme for Government Agencies in Leased Private Facilities and for Older Government Buildings (LES).




Morstadvegen 37
2750 Gran

Date completed


Project manager

Elisabeth Tetens Jahn, KORO

Expert Committee

Jan Christensen
Yngvild Færøy
Gerd Elise Mørland, (fra 15. mai 2014)
Kari J. Brandtzæg, (til 15. mai 2014)



Building owner/developer

Trondrud Bygg AS

Host representative

Gran og Lunner lennsmannskontor




Tilgjengelig for publikum


Art scheme for rented properties and older buildings owned by the government (LES)



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