Christian Frederik Monument

Outside the Norwegian parliament stands a 3,5 meter tall sculpture of Christian Frederik, the Danish crown prince who was briefly King of Norway. The monument highlights Christian Frederik’s crucial role in 1814, when Norway gained its own constitution.

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  • Monument over Christian Frederik, Kristian Blystad. Photographer: Terje Heiestad
  • Christian Frederik monumentet på Eidsvolls plass, av Kristian Blystad.
  • Christian Frederik monumentet på Eidsvolls plass, av Kristian Blystad.
  • Christian Frederik monumentet på Eidsvolls plass, av Kristian Blystad.
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About the project

About the project

Christian Frederik Monument

About the project

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the signing of Norway’s constitution, the Norwegian parliament and government decided to erect a monument to Christian Fredrik. The Danish prince played leading role in the uprising that led to the signing of Norway’s constitution on 17 May 1814. When the National Assembly at Eidsvoll elected Christian Fredrik to be king shortly thereafter, he became the first ruler of an independent Norway for 400 years.

During his speech at the unveiling of the sculpture, the President of the Storting emphasised that Christian Frederik’s role in the history of Norwegian nation-building often has been underestimated. Christian Frederik has been criticized for offering too little resistance to Sweden during the brief Swedish-Norwegian War that broke out in July and August 1814. The monument, created by Kristian Blystad (NO), depicts the king as an energetic and quick-witted leader, providing as a corrective to what many now view as a distorted version of history.

The jury who selected Blystad’s proposal for the monument described the statue as expressing “a timeless personal characterization”. Christian Frederik was 27 years old when he was crowned King of Norway, and Blystad’s portrait shows the untainted features of the young monarch.

The monument is located opposite a statue of the first president of the Storting, Wilhelm Frimann Koren Christie, also created by Blystad. Both sculptures are carved from Swedish granite quarried in Bohuslän. The origin of the stone provides a connection with the conflict between Norway and Sweden in which Christian Frederik played such a crucial role. The coarse grain of the granite is also conducive to abstraction, something that Blystad exploits to the full in the finished piece.




Eidsvolls plass, Oslo

Date completed


Project manager

Harald Fenn, KORO
Mette Kvandal, KORO
Dag Wiersholm, KORO

Art Committee

Svein Olav Hoff, kunstfaglig medlem og juryleder
Per Kristian Foss, Stortingets representant
Lars Roar Langslet, Kulturdepartementets representant
Marit Wiklund
Petter Hepsø
Arve Bringaker, Jurysekretær




Tilgjengelig for publikum


Art scheme for new government-owned buildings





  • 11.10.2012

  • 26.04.2013
    Oppnevning jurymedlemmer

  • 01.05.2013
    Invitasjon konkurranse

  • 29.08.2013
    Kåring vinner konkurranse

  • 18.05.2014
    Avduking/ferdig prosjekt

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