Bodø Prison, Extension

The photographer Rune Johansen (NO) is known for his affectionately humorous depictions of everyday life in northern Norway. His photographs of domestic interiors, buildings and landscapes reveal a unique eye for often-unremarked yet remarkable details of everyday life. Three of Johansen’s photographs have been purchased for Bodø Prison.

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Finn veien til Bo­dø Pri­son, Ex­ten­si­on

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  • En hilsen til Redningsselskapet, Rune Johansen.
  • RuneJohansen_GladeJul 001, RuneJohansen_GladeJul 001.
  • Bodø fengsel, Bodø fengsel.
  • Rune Johansen, Rune Johansen.
  • Rune Johansen, Rune Johansen.
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About the project

About the project

Bodø Prison, Extension

About the project

Bodø Prison is a high-security facility located in Bodø town centre. Following the completion of an extension in 2016, the prison can now accommodate 50 inmates.

Prior to the completion of the extension, Bodø Prison already owned several works acquired under the auspices of Public Art Norway. These works, which help to alleviate the prison’s institutional atmosphere, include a wall taken from a log cabin and relocated by the artist Hugo Aasjord to the prison’s main entrance, along with photographs of the original house. The three recently purchased photographs by Rune Johansen fit well with the prison’s existing art collection. In one image, Greetings to the Lifeboat Service, we see a corner of a sitting room in a log cabin. Family photographs hang on the walls together with a framed embroidery. The image evokes a feeling of truly Norwegian homeliness. The two other photographs also dwell on the idea of “Norwegianness”. One shows a Norwegian flag on a snow-covered mountainside, while the other depicts a tiny boathouse at the bottom of a deep valley.

Rune Johansen was born in Bodø in 1957 and started taking photographs in 1976. He is a self-taught photographer whose artistic breakthrough came in 2004, when he published his first book of photographs, Hiv mannskjiten (published under the title All that glitters in English), in which photographs of everyday life in northern Norway were accompanied by Johansen’s own subtly humorous texts. Johansen never stages the subjects of his photographs. His practice is to travel, observe and intuitively discover what interests him about a place, and only then to start taking photographs. Johansen’s eye for intriguing but easily overlooked details of interiors and landscapes, captured within his characteristic square format, has brought wide recognition for his unique style and perspective. Since Johansen’s breakthrough as an artist in 2004, his work has gained wide national and international recognition.




Hålogalandsgata 91, 8007 Bodø

Date completed


Project manager

Janicke Iversen


Ellen Sæthre-McGuirk
Joakim Borda-Pedreira


Unikus arkitekter

Building owner/developer



Kriminalomsorgen region nord




Ikke tilgjengelig for publikum


Art scheme for new government-owned buildings





  • September 2015
    Oppdrag tildelt fra Statsbygg

  • September 2015
    Oppdrag utlyst

  • Oktober 2015
    To kuratorer oppnevnt

  • April 2016
    Kunstplan godkjent

  • Mai 2016
    Kunstprosjekt ferdigstilt

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