Bardufoss Helicopter Base and Fire Station

When working on his art project for Bardufoss Helicopter Base and Fire Station, Thorbjørn Sørensen took this question as his starting point: What is it that the Norwegian Armed Forces are actually defending?

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Finn veien til Bar­du­foss He­li­c­op­ter Ba­se and Fi­re Sta­ti­on

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  • Forsvaret (The Defence), Thorbjørn Sørensen. Photographer: KORO
  • Forsvaret (The Defence), Thorbjørn Sørensen. Photographer: KORO
  • KORO.007133-01, Thorbjørn Sørensen. Photographer: KORO
  • KORO.007133-02, Thorbjørn Sørensen. Photographer: KORO
  • Stær, Løvetann, Kråke, Lemen, Spurv og Lønn, Thorbjørn Sørensen. Photographer: KORO
  • KORO.007126-01, Thorbjørn Sørensen. Photographer: KORO
  • KORO.007127-01, Thorbjørn Sørensen. Photographer: KORO
  • KORO.007128-01, Thorbjørn Sørensen. Photographer: KORO
  • , Thorbjørn Sørensen. Photographer: KORO
  • KORO.007122-01, Thorbjørn Sørensen. Photographer: KORO
  • KORO.007124-01, Thorbjørn Sørensen. Photographer: KORO
  • KORO.007129-01, Thorbjørn Sørensen. Photographer: KORO
  • From nature, june 2017, Thorbjørn Sørensen. Photographer: KORO
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About the project

About the project

Thorbjørn Sørensen (NO) is perhaps best known for his detailed watercolours of small things in our surroundings: a clod of earth with grass growing out of it or a small dead bird. However he also works in other media, such as installation, stripe paintings, and figurative paintings of people in everyday situations. For his art project for Bardufoss Helicopter Base and Fire Station in Troms County, Sørensen has combined delicate watercolours with fields of intense colour. The effect is striking.

Taking as his starting point the questions “What is a nation?” and “What is it that we are defending?”, Sørensen has chosen motifs for his watercolours from the natural environment surrounding the base: various bird species; common types of grass; foliage; and other similar things.

The watercolours for the fire station have white backgrounds, white mounts, and white frames. However they are hung on fields of intense colour painted directly onto the wall. In one meeting room we see a montage of many small watercolours in a single large white frame hanging on a wall painted in royal blue.

In the canteen in the aircraft hanger, the artist has used the official colours of the Norwegian Armed Forces to create a stripe painting. The painting has been hung on a field of white surrounded by a larger rectangle of pale blue, so that that painting in effect has a double “frame”. The strongly contrasting colours and textures of the paint draw the viewer’s attention to how the impression of one colour is affected by adjacent colours.

Thorbjørn Sørensen (born 1961) studied at the Norwegian Academy of Fine Art and the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. He has held a number of exhibitions in Norway and in the other Nordic countries, and has completed art projects for the Bølgen Cultural Centre in Larvik, Statoil in Bergen and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo.




9325 Bardufoss

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Stine Arnet Høyem, KORO

Host representative

Trine Lise Ekanger




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Art scheme for new government-owned buildings





  • 06.03.2014

  • 15.05.2014
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