Embassy of Norway in Bogota, Colombia

A series of paintings titled Letter of resignation by Jan Freuchen and two photographs by Helga Bu were purchased originally for the Norwegian ambassador's residence in Caracas in Venezuela. When the embassy and residence relocated to Bogotá in Colombia in 2013, the artworks were rehung in the new embassy.

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Lukk kartet
Finn veien

Finn veien til Em­bas­sy of Nor­way in Bo­go­ta, Co­lom­bia

Finn stedet der du er nå
Velg transporttype:
  • Letter of Resignation, av Jan Freuchen. Photographer: Ralf Weidmann
  • Letter of Resignation, av Jan Freuchen.
  • Beauty of Shame 14 og 15, av Helga Bu.
  • Beauty of Shame 15, av Helga Bu.
  • Letter of Resignation, av Jan Freuchen.
  • Beauty of Shame 14, av Helga Bu.
  • Letter of Resignation, av Jan Freuchen.
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About the project

About the project

Jan Freuchen’s series of five paintings, which shift between abstract and figurative imagery, occupy a six-metre long wall in the lounge area on the lower ground floor of the embassy. Jan Freuchen studied at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design and the Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. His artistic practice encompasses installations, drawing, sculpture and constructions. His public commissions include several works for Tromsø Police Headquarters in northern Norway.

Two black-and-white photographs by Helga Bu, Beauty of Shame 14 and Beauty of Shame 15, hang next to the stairs in the embassy. The photographs are poetic and mysterious depictions of landscapes, and their location on the staircase is intended to encourage passers-by to pause for a moment to study them in detail. Helga Bu has been working with photography since 1982. She studied photography at the Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm and the National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo.



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Mari Aarre

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Harald Fenn

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MT Disenos C.A.






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Art scheme for new government-owned buildings



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