The Strategy Plan for 2014–2019 presents eight strategies for how KORO will succeed over the next five years in boosting interest in, use of and appreciation of both individual works of art, art projects and the entire collection of art in public spaces. These strategies define target areas that both individually and collectively are expected to allow us to achieve the level of expertise, relevance and efficiency required in order to meet the opportunities and challenges within our field of work. The eight strategies can be summarised as follows:

  1. KORO must develop a culture that both internally and among our collaborative networks emphasises the importance of high quality and relevance. This applies both to the artworks themselves and to the execution of artistic projects.
  2. KORO must have capacity to implement projects within its field for clients from all areas of the public sector. In order to provide a good service to developers and other clients, KORO must cultivate a more differentiated range and site-specific range of approaches and working methods.
  3. KORO must endeavour to stimulate more proactive attitudes to public art among municipalities and county councils. KORO must also work to boost regional expertise in areas relevant to public art throughout Norway.
  4. KORO must take active steps to develop the field of public art as an arena for knowledge development and dissemination, reflection, criticism and debate.
  5. KORO must stimulate efforts to increase knowledge about, and interest in, public art by implementing more proactive information and dissemination initiatives.
  6. KORO must improve the management of art in the public sector and must work actively to provide advice on the preservation of site-specific art.
  7. KORO must be a high quality and professional collaborative partner.
  8. KORO must be an effective manager of government resources, an adaptable organization, and a good and attractive workplace.
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