Art consultants

Most KORO projects, including in particular those associated with the Art for New Government Buildings programme, require the services of one or more art consultants.

The role of the art consultant is to ensure the artistic quality of the project. The art consultant chairs the art committee for the project and in many cases will also act as project manager. All art consultants must have relevant professional backgrounds in the arts.

KORO maintains its own register of art consultants, our “network of professional art advisors and curators”. This network is an important source of professional expertise for KORO, and the register is also available to other public- and private-sector bodies involved in commissioning public art projects.

The Art for New Government Buildings programme – the role of the art consultant and the art committee
In projects run under this programme, the consultant or consultants will sit on an art committee that is required to prepare an art plan, which is the key document for the project. The plan must include an analysis of the project’s site and context, as well as a reasoned explanation of the committee’s artistic decisions.

Art for County and Municipal Facilities (KOM) programme – the role of the art project manager
Municipalities and county councils applying for funding for art projects through the KOM programme must engage an art project manager. Among other requirements, the KOM programme guidelines specify: I) fees for art project managers; and II) that the project manager must be assigned a leading role in the project.

The art project manager is required to prepare an art project description. This description will form the basis of the application submitted to KORO by the municipality or county council. Click here to view sample project descriptions.

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