URO is a grant and production support scheme that makes a contribution towards the realisation of art projects in outdoor spaces and other areas for free public access. Both contemporary art and public spaces are witnessing rapid development. The purpose of the scheme is to promote production of art projects and works of art that can contribute towards the study and further development of the general understanding of the potential of art in public spaces and how the art can make a contribution. A number of the projects supported by KORO are provisional and target a widely diverse general public. There is a focus on artists with projects that have the potential to form part of public discourse and debate, providing comments, critique or alternative perspectives on relevant social issues, historic events, the understanding of culture, etc. The URO scheme has also produced good examples of how art can make a contribution towards the development of spaces and local identities.

As opposed to KORO’s other art schemes, the URO projects do not have a building owner or public institute that is allocated and shall manage a work of art. Generally, it is the artists, curators and producers who are responsible for the works of art allocated to public spaces and other areas for public access, often in cooperation with institutes, municipalities, etc. Project execution is provided either by the project owner or as a cooperation between the project owner and KORO. KORO acts as producer or co-producer on a limited number of projects.

What can you apply for?
Applications are accepted for pilot project funding for the planning and development of art projects. Likewise, applications may be submitted for part-financing of planned projects (normally up to 50% of budget). For major and/or complex projects and in cases where the applicant does not have a production apparatus, applications may also be submitted for expertise from KORO in relation to production or co-production.

Applications are also accepted for communication initiatives and for initiatives that promote knowledge and expertise within the scope of the scheme.

Who can apply?
The URO scheme is open to governmental, regional and local authorities, institutes and organisations, curators, producers and artists.

Application deadlines
URO has one application deadline per year, normally 1 February.

Who processes the applications?
The applications are processed by a professional committee appointed by KORO. The committee is made up of three members; two external members and one from KORO’s staff. The committee is appointed for a period of two years.

How are the projects executed?
The project owner to whom funds and/or production assistance has been allocated is responsible for project execution and decides how execution is to be organised.

How to submit an application
Use link to the online application form and read the supplementary provisions below