Art scheme for buildings owned by municipalities and counties (KOM)

The purpose of the KOM scheme is to encourage more municipalities and counties to invest in high quality art in their own buildings and outdoor public spaces. Moreover, the scheme has also been developed to contribute towards the development of knowledge and expertise on art in public spaces within regional professional groups.

The financing of art in public buildings and spaces is primarily the responsibility of municipalities and counties. The KOM scheme has been developed to promote artistic quality and diversity as the main factors in such projects, so that the works of art may help provide public spaces with an identity and meaning for the general public. A limited number of Norwegian municipalities and counties have established their own art schemes with specific funding allocated to art in public environments. They have also established professional systems for execution of art projects. As manager of the KOM scheme, KORO shall contribute towards the creation of exemplary art projects that have the capacity to display the importance of art for the design of various public spaces. Funds from the KOM scheme shall also help finance investments of particular relevance and interest for the municipalities. KORO is currently investing in projects where art contributes to urban development, in accordance with the strategies of municipal and regional authoroties and projects that explore and develop the relationship between art and libraries, as libraries are deemed to be significant common arenas for culture.

With the art projects supported by the KOM scheme, the municipality or county is in charge of project execution and is responsible for communication and management. The projects must be directed by a project manager with art expertise. If the projects are particularly large and demanding, KORO may provide expertise, acting as adviser, producer or co-producer. Regional art centres also provide services to municipalities and counties within the field of art in public spaces.

What can you apply for?
Applications are accepted for funding for pilot projects. Likewise, applications may be submitted for part-financing of municipal and county-owned projects (normally up to 50% of the applicants own financial contribution in the project). For major and/or complex projects, applications may also be submitted for professional assistance from KORO regarding production or co-production.

Applications are also accepted for communication initiatives and for regional and local initiatives that promote knowledge and expertise involving art in public spaces.

Who can apply?
All municipalities and counties can apply. This also includes institutes, organisations, curators, producers and artists, who can apply for grants for projects to be executed in cooperation with municipalities and counties.

Application deadlines
KOM has two application deadlines per year. These are normally 1 February and 1 September.

Who processes the applications?
The applications are processed by a professional committee appointed by KORO. The committee is made up of four members; two external members and two from KORO’s staff. The committee is appointed for a period of two years.

How are the projects executed?
The municipality or county to which funds and/or production assistance has been allocated is responsible for project execution and decides how execution is to be organised.

How to submit an application
link to download the application form and supplementary provisions will be available in English in due time before the next deadline, September 1st 2015.