Vågestykke 2016-2018, Bergen University College (Now closed)

International Open Ideas Competition

KORO invites artists of all disciplines to submit ideas for time-limited public artworks for Bergen University College’s Vågestykke project.

The Vågestykke project (vågestykke = “act of recklessness”/“daredevil feat”) aims to galvanize the college’s everyday working environment as well as all stakeholders’ commitment to the college’s societal role and aspirations. Examples of the types of projects the art committee is looking for include: projects with academic, social or political links; happenings; technologically challenging experimental works; and performative, auditory and/or visual works. The artworks may pervade the entire college area, including “non-physical” space, as well as the surrounding environment, and may last anywhere from a few minutes to the duration of the project period.

Selected proposals will be required to undergo further development prior to final approval. Entrants whose ideas are selected must be prepared to participate in seminars and debates. Implementation of the works ultimately approved will be scheduled in such a way as to achieve an optimal programme for the project as a whole. This programme will be developed in collaboration with the artists whose ideas are selected. The goal is to create a single programme running over a three-year period that will encompass a range of projects, each differing in economics, intensity, duration and complexity.

The first project will be implemented in 2016, and Vågestykke will run until the end of 2018.

Deadline: all entries must be received on or before 1 July 2015, 3 PM.

The jury is expected to conclude its deliberations in autumn 2015. Entrants whose projects are selected will be notified by the end of December 2015. The jury will consist of the Bergen University College Art Committee. The KORO art consultants are Sissel Lillebostad and Trond Hugo Haugen

Submission requirements:
All entrants must submit their contact information and project outlines using the online form on the competition web portal. Entrants may upload a maximum of five images (all images must be saved in JPEG format only and the total file size for all images must not exceed 5MB) and one PDF (maximum length two A4 pages, additional pages will not be read).

All entries will be judged anonymously. Please ensure that the entrant’s name does not appear anywhere on the PDF or images, as otherwise the entry will be disqualified.

The jury’s decisions will be final and the competition organizers will not respond to queries or enter into correspondence during the course of the competition.

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