Jonas Dahlberg’s contract is cancelled

Earlier today the Ministry of Culture informed Public Art Norway that the contract with Jonas Dahlberg concerning designs for the national memorial sites after 22 July in Hole and Oslo is to be cancelled in its entirety. Simultaneously, Public Art Norway’s involvement in work on the memorial sites has been terminated.

– We must understand this to indicate that the ambition of using art in the memorial sites has been replaced by other solutions. In my opinion this is regrettable, since a successful artwork is especially well-suited to playing an extremely important role in the long-term, collective processes of grieving and remembrance, said Svein Bjørkås, director of Public Art Norway.

At a press conference earlier today, the minister for local government and modernisation, Jan Tore Sanner, announced that the Norwegian government had decided that the national memorial site in Hole should be located at the ferry dock, Utøyakaia, and that the state building agency Statsbygg would take over responsibility for the completion of the memorial sites.

– If the memorial sites are not to include any artistic expression, it is not appropriate for Public Art Norway to manage the work to design, secure support for, and implement the projects, said Bjørkås.

In February 2012, following an international pre-qualification round and a closed competition, the Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg was announced as the winner of a competition to design three national memorial sites after 22 July.

For more information about the process surrounding the memorial sites, see the Factsheet: Memorial sites

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