Critical Issuses in Public Art presents: Marianne Heier

Interventions in the Norwegian model

Marianne Heier’s lecture explores the conditions for art in the public sphere versus the specialised sphere of art. The sphere of art is often seen as a protective, liberal space, wherein art can flourish, whereas the public sphere is seen as strict and with boundaries. Is this dialectic understanding still valid or is it so that what is possible in the sphere of art should not be confused with the possibilities of art?

Heier demonstrates, starting from her own projects, how public spaces are created, in continuous friction, where art is just as exposed as other expressions. In the public sphere, art can achieve a greater interference with society, and thus, according to Heier, an artistic gesture can have a deeper impact.


Thursday, May 15th, 2014


Kristian August gate 23, 8th floor, Oslo, Norway

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