Critical Issues in Public Art presents: Mechtild Widrich

Performative Monuments. The Rematerialisation of Public Art

Mechtild Widrich (M.Phil. University of Vienna, PhD. Department of Architecture, MIT), is Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Module Cities on the Move, Eikones Image Research Institute, University of Basel in affiliation with ETH Zurich.

Her research focuses on ephemeral practices in relation to the built environment and on global art geographies. Forthcoming is her book Performative Monuments. The Rematerialisation of Public Art (Manchester University Press).

Mechtild’s essays and reviews have been published in the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians (JSAH), Ar t Journal, Grey Room, The Drama Review (TDR), Perfor mance Art Journal (PAJ), Log and thresholds. She is the co-founder of the Art and Architectural History Assembly (AAHA), an international network of researchers working at the intersection of art and architecture. The series Critical Issues in Public Art is a part of Public Art Norway ’s (KORO’s) focus on knowledge production in our field where we initiate and develop lectures, workshops and publications that discuss current issues. As a little national “giant” when it comes to commissioning public art works, we see there is an urgent need to rethink many of the strategies and policies in this production: The question of representation, financial structures and artistic sensibility versus public frameworks.

The recurring debates on art in the public sphere demonstrate the need to facilitate the discussions about possibilities and preconditions of art in public spaces. The debate is often raised to a principal level; lifted out of the realm of the self-referential field of art and into the political and public sphere.


Thursday, December 12th 2013


Kristian August gate 23, 8. etasje. Oslo, Norway

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